1.  Weddings are one of the best workouts!  I average 1200 squats with anywhere from 10-30 pounds of camera equipment on me, in one wedding day.  I never even feel it, until the next day of course!

2.  I only own Nikon equipment.  Beautiful moments may be fleeting, having the best photography equipment allows me to catch these moments in any lighting conditions with quality glass lenses and high ISO capabilities of my cameras.  Each image I take has an extremely high resolution and to make stunning large prints or archival albums you need to have equipment like this.

3.  Working fast but with a relaxed style is my thing.  Efficiency is key on a wedding day because there is so much more going on then just the photography.  I may have to go paparazzi style a few times and I may need to pose you a few times but everything photography will be care free.