My last week living in Thailand was booked full with my son's birthday party, a silent auction at our Gallery, a farewell party with all our family and friends on the island and of course packing, packing and more packing.  Add to all this a full day wedding session with Daniel and Jennie and you have the ultimate definition of a busy week!

This wedding was booked as a Basic Package (2 hours), which at the time pleased me and suited my super busy schedule of moving back to Ottawa, Canada on Oct.31st.  However, once the Bride and Groom experienced just how beautiful the Island of Koh Yao Noi was, they changed their minds to the Everything Package which covers their wedding story from beginning to end, a total of almost 13 hours.  A was completely happy with their switch as I prefer to cover the entire wedding process, but it did add a whole new level of time crunch.  Now I had to bang off a wedding, all the post-processing and slideshow work in 3 days!  Nothing like a challenge to spur me on. 

Bride's best friend getting ready... This photo was taken outside, looking through the window but keeping the reflection of the pool and jungle in the same shot.

After the wedding ceremony, with the groom's first real look at the Bride's wedding gown.  I love the reflection of the palm leaf.

Peak-a-boo shot of the Bride and Groom moments after the wedding ceremony.

Bride and Groom wedding portrait taken from the sand's perspective.

Bride and Groom with an archway of jungle palms, I was lying down on the boardwalk to get this unique angle.

Stunning Beach Bride.


Bridal jewelery.

Bride getting her hair done.

Bride and groom's wedding rings on top of the brides' fan.

The Bride's sister helping the  Bride zip up her gown.  I love capturing these emotional moments.

The first kiss as husband and wife!

Family portrait of the Bride's sister and her family.

Bride and Groom wedding portrait.

Bride and Groom wedding portrait.

Bride and Groom walking through the mangroves.

Bride and Groom climbing beach trees.

Stylish Groom with his beautiful Bride behind him.

Cutting the wedding cake.